The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

At Children & Teen Dental, we love working with kids! But that’s not the only reason that we recommend pediatric dentistry. Starting your child’s dental care at a young age can benefit them in many ways! If you are interested in pediatric dentistry in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, we would love to hear from you!

Why Pediatric Dentistry is Important

Giving your child an early start in their dental care is a good way to help them maintain a healthy smile and build proper dental habits. The condition of your child’s baby teeth can affect their adult teeth as they begin to erupt. That is why, from a young age, we recommend addressing dental problems right away. By providing consistent dental care, you can help your child avoid dental fears and save money on extensive treatment down the road. 

When To Schedule The First Visit

We recommend scheduling your child’s first visit around one year of age. By this time, typically some teeth have erupted. This early appointment allows your child to explore our office, gives our team a chance to introduce ourselves and helps them feel comfortable in the dental chair. We can evaluate their smile during this visit without doing anything invasive or uncomfortable. By scheduling visits every six months from the age of one, your child will know what to expect when they visit their dentist and they can feel more relaxed as they continue to receive consistent care.

What To Expect

At your child’s first visit, you can expect a welcoming team and an enjoyable experience! No matter your child’s age or dental needs, we’ll provide a comfortable environment and first-class care. We can answer any questions that you, as a parent, may have about your child’s dental development. After evaluating your child’s smile, we can discuss the condition of their teeth and gums. You can save time in the office by filling out New Patient Forms before you arrive. Your child is welcome to bring a small animal, blanket or toy that helps them feel more comfortable.