Membership Savings Plan

Orthodontics Savings Plan*

Interested in saving money on your child’s orthodontic treatment? We know your child might not be ready for braces, but why not start saving now? Our S.P.O.T. (Savings Plan for Orthodontic Treatment) allows parents to put money away on a monthly basis toward their child’s future orthodontic treatment. Once treatment is ready to begin, we will add an additional 20% to your savings! All of that money can be applied to the cost of treatment. In many cases, the entire cost of braces can be covered by our savings plan. 

Who Can Enroll in S.P.O.T.?

All of our guests are invited to begin saving towards their future care – even toddlers! Plans begin at just $25 per month! Once treatment begins, you can choose to either put funds towards a down payment or lower your monthly payments. Call our team today to learn more! 

Who Can Give Money Towards Your Child’s S.P.O.T.?

Anyone who would like to contribute towards your child’s orthodontic care is welcome! We have many contributors towards our guests’ savings plans, including:

*This savings plan is solely used for orthodontic treatment. Funds may not be used towards any other treatment.