Dental Education

At Children & Teen Dental in Gardendale, AL, we welcome parents to be involved in the entire process of caring for their child’s smile! We provide honest and trustworthy feedback to help parents make the most educated decisions in their child’s dental care. Our team believes that one of the ways we can improve your child’s oral health is by educating them about the importance of a healthy smile. If you have any questions about your child’s dental care, our team will be happy to talk with you during your child’s next visit!

Caring for Young Teeth

Establishing proper oral habits at a young age is critical for the future of your child’s smile. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly are some of the ways you can help your child maintain healthy teeth and gums. Avoid sugary foods as much as possible until you are able to brush your child’s teeth right away. Be sure to use a toothpaste that includes fluoride to strengthen and protect their teeth. Always brush your child’s tongue to remove food particles and bacteria. Help your child in their oral routine until they are able to properly brush and floss on their own. Your child’s dentist can answer any questions you may have during routine visits and help you understand how to best help them in their dental development and oral care. 

Six-Month Appointments

One of the best ways you can contribute towards your child’s oral health is by scheduling regular six-month visits. By scheduling appointments on a regular basis, our team will be able to address small dental problems right away. This can save your child from unpleasant dental experiences and expensive dental bills. By scheduling every six months, you can give your child the tools they need to maintain their healthy smile! 

Say ‘No’ to Tobacco

Avoiding tobacco is critical in maintaining a healthy smile. Tobacco contributes to gum disease and can cause many complications with oral health including tooth decay, oral cancer and even tooth loss. We highly recommend encouraging your teen to stay away from tobacco to protect and preserve your smile. 

Trustworthy Dental Care

In our office, we want to provide you with honest, reliable information concerning your child’s oral health. Our team will do everything we can to answer your questions and keep you up-to-date on your child’s dental needs. If treatment is recommended, our team will only offer the solutions to benefit your child’s dental health. By considering you and your child’s needs, together we can find the best solutions for caring for your child’s smile!